Editing Services

I have always been captivated by what makes a book work. How do characters and the specific voice of an author and the exact word choice combine to make a story that you can't put down? In college, I took writing classes with dozens of hopeful authors. I didn't want to be a writer, but I did want to learn what makes a good story and I wanted the opportunity to help my classmates improve their work.

I have also always been fanatical about grammar and spelling. I may have been the jerk who read the local newspaper with a pen to mark typos. I love figuring out which sentence needs who and which one needs whom.

All of this means that editing is my favorite thing to do. I majored in English literature in college with a concentration in publishing. I spent my late nights and early mornings poring through submissions for the literary journal and covering the school newspaper in proofreading marks. I am the editor who will not quit until your work is ready for the world to read it.

I currently offer the following services:

Proofreading: $15/hour
This is for the manuscript that is almost finished. Proofreading means looking for mistakes in grammar and spelling. It's also pointing out that you wrote the word two when you really meant too. At this point in the process, there should not be major revisions of content.

Copyediting: $20/hour
Copyediting includes the work of proofreading, but also looks at the consistency, flow, and style of a work. I may rearrange or rework portions of the writing.

Substantive Editing: $25/hour 
While copyediting may indicate problems with structure or voice, substantive edits will include working with you to find new solutions. I may suggest alternatives or help you to overhaul portions of the manuscript. Substantive editing also includes all of the work of proofreading and copyediting.

If you are ready for me to take a look at your work, please send me an email at editor@literarylindsey.com. I look forward to working with you!


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