Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October Wrap-Up

October ended? I'm confused. The hurricane and the subsequent time away from normal routine has me all out of sorts.

But I know that it's now November and I have been reading some books, although I haven't been reviewing as many as I would have liked. So, without further ado...

Books Reviewed in October: 8
Pages Read:2423
Fiction/Non-fiction: 5/3
Female authors/male authors: 6/2
My books/library books: 5/3
Lindsey's favorite book in October: The Devoted

Books reviewed by David: 4
David's favorite book in October: Ramona the Pest 

What was your favorite book in October? 


  1. I've been slacking in the review department as well. No hurricanes for me, just laziness? LOL, I think the 30 day book challenge is wiping me out?

    1. I think that is fair. It's so easy to read all of the books...it's more difficult to put your thoughts into cohesive words!

  2. tough call, but probably my favorite book in october was THE FORGIVEN by Lawrence Osborne. Sounds like you had a great reading month!

    1. I'm off to check out The Forgiven. Thanks for the recommendation!
      I had a pretty good month. I didn't get as many reviews written as I had hoped, but I'm trying to give myself some grace.

  3. Lovely photo of you both in the pumpkin patch!

    My favourite book in October? Probably A Suitable Boy, even though it took three months to read!

    1. Thanks, Sam! I just love that it was warm enough for him to wear shorts but he couldn't be separated from his boots.

      I'm so impressed you read that one! I will definitely be checking it out when I'm feeling brave.