Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December Wrapup

Happy New Year! I thought it would be appropriate to take the first day of January to talk about December. Right?

So...December. I'm a little embarrassed by you. Only four book reviews? It's like I don't even know you. Oh well. The plus side of taking a week off from blogging at the end of December is that you read a ridiculous number of books. January is going to be excellent for the books reviews.

Books reviewed in December: 4
Pages Read: 1,482
Fiction/Non-fiction: 3/1
Female authors/male authors: 3/1
My books/library books: 4/0
Lindsey's favorite book in December: Full Disclosure

Books reviewed with David: 2
David's favorite book in December: I Like to Be Little

What was your favorite read in December?

Why yes, David is wearing a reindeer tie.
We get very fancy in the literary household.


  1. Love the tie David ;) You're a dollface!

    1. I was actually going to get him a bowtie to wear to church on Christmas Eve, but I saw the reindeer and I couldn't resist.
      I hope you are having a wonderful first day of 2013, Jennifer!

  2. That's a great tie! I think my son would rather go naked than wear one of those. ;)

    I can't wait to see what goodies you read in December. Happy 2013!

    1. Haha...kids are so funny about what they will and won't wear, aren't they?

      Happy 2013 to you too!

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