Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesdays with David: Star Wars - The Enemy Within

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
The Enemy Within
Script by Jeremy Barlow
Art by Brian Koschak
Dark Horse Books 2012
From the library 

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Enemy Within

The story: This comic takes place during The Clone Wars. A platoon of Clone troopers are sent on a mission where everything seems to go wrong. They are stranded on the wrong side of battle lines and have no choice but to try to complete their mission. Can they make it out or is a trusted ally working against them?

Mama opines: David is a fan of comic books these days, although I think we had a sort of backwards trajectory. I know that comic books are often used for reluctant readers. But for quite a while, David wanted to read his chapter books and wanted nothing to do with comic books. I forget which book finally changed his mind, but I think it's fun that he is now just as likely to grab a comic book as he is a chapter book. Any suggestions for age appropriate comic books?

Thoughts from David: This story is really good! I've got to say, it is a Clone Wars story about clones. Well, maybe does have a few more things than just clones like these green, kinda creature thingamabobs. And droids!
I've got to say that when you're shot down, you're shot down! Sometimes nothing can happen that you really wanted to happen. Well, clonesy bye! Just kidding.

Happy Reading!

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