Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesdays with David: Elves for a Day

I have to apologize, friends. I know that standard decorum dictates that I should not start talking Christmas-like stuff until Friday. But when we went to Disney, it was already decorated for Christmas and they played Christmas we are already sort of there. We beg your forgiveness.

Still here?


Without further ado, here we have Mickey and Santa in one charming book.

Elves for a Day
Mickey and Friends Visit Santa's Workshop
By Joanne Barkan
1993 The Walt Disney Company
(A note - Amazon and the inside cover inform me that this book was made exclusively for Disney store. It might make finding it a little interesting, but I know you are up for the challenge!)

The Story: Donald makes bad choices, such as taking his friends for a leisurely airplane ride in a blizzard, getting lost, and running out of gas. Thankfully, the intrepid group is found by one elf named Jitters who whisks them away to Santa's workshop. The elves are way behind (slackers) and if they can't finish all of the toys in the next few hours, the jolly man is calling off Christmas. Our heroes rise to the occasion and Christmas is saved! Hooray. 

Mama opines: Predictable? Of course. Cute? Yup. The best thing about this book is finding the little Disney touches scattered throughout the book. Keep an eye out especially in Santa's workshop. Homages to many Disney movies can be seen. Also, yay for Christmas and Christmas stories.

Thoughts from David: I love when the plane crashes (quite mildly, the mama must add) and when they see Santa Claus.
What is your favorite part? I love them all!

Happy Reading, friends and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


  1. HAHAH "Still here?" of course!!! It's never too early to decorate for Christmas IMO.

    I swear I've read this book and remember it somehow. Cool review! Santa and Mickey in one book?! Awesome.

    Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

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