Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wednesdays with David: Fish In A Tree

Fish In A Tree
By Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Puffin Books March 2017
320 pages
From the library 

The Story: Ally gets in trouble a lot. Sometimes it's accidental, like the time she gives a very inappropriate card to her teacher going on maternity leave. Other times, it's on purpose as she tries to hide the fact that she can't read well. Ally has resigned herself to another year of doing poorly in school and not having friends. But then her class gets a new teacher. Mr. Daniels sees her aptitude for drawing and math and knows how to help her with her dyslexia. Most of all, he knows that she isn't stupid and brings the class together in ways they never imagined.

Mama opines: David and I are embarking on a mother/son book club. One month, he gives me a book to read and the next month, I give him one. Fish In A Tree was a book he chose for me. This book is a rather well-known story, where a fantastic teacher is able to help each of his students excel. I can understand the readers who are incredulous that this girl has made it to sixth grade without anyone realizing that she has dyslexia. But I also think this kind of book is wonderful for kids and their parents to read. Don't we all wish for this kind of teacher for our children? We all hope that our children will go to a place where they have good friends and a teacher who is truly invested in helping them to find the best ways to learn and grow.

Thoughts from David: Fish in a Tree is a great book. It's about a character named Ally, who can't read very well. The words just kind of float around. She gets a new teacher and meets new friends. But it's really deep too. I mean, ever read Percy Jackson? They share some similarities.

Personally, I think that kids in the fourth and fifth grade will feel especially for this book. I think middle schoolers will also like it too. The reason is, have you ever felt like there is something you couldn't do? Well, Ally expresses that in a sketchbook called 'The Journal of Impossible Things'. I find that a good way to get feelings like it is impossible out of your system. Another reason is that Fish in a Tree  has a ton of heart. In summary, I LOVE Fish in a Tree and think that you should read it too.

And for old times sake, a joke: How do you make an octopus laugh? With ten tickles!!

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  1. I missed out on this book when it was published, and I keep thinking that one day I’ll go back and pick it up.