Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy 100th Post Day!

Well friends, this is my 100th post here at Literary Lindsey. Woo and also hoo. Balloons and streamers and cake. I wish we had cake.

This book blogging is fun stuff, people. I'm finding new books, talking to people about said books, and telling people what they should and should-not-under-any-circumstances-if-it-were-the-last-book-in-the-world read.

In celebration of this auspicious event, I am holding the very first Literary Lindsey giveaway! (And the crowd goes wild!)

What am I giving away, you ask? Well, I like options in my life and I think you might as well. So I am giving the winner the choice between one nonfiction book and one fiction book.

The first choice is The Invisible Line by Daniel Sharfstein. This is the second book that I reviewed here on the blog. The author looks at three families who toed the color line throughout history. Sometimes they are perceived as black and sometimes they pass themselves off as white. It is an interesting look at how we construct racial identity. The book is hardcover and in great condition.

The second option is The Echo Maker by Richard Powers. This is a novel I read for my modern lit course during my senior year of college. It's about a man who has a car crash. When he wakes up from a coma, his sister has come to care for him. He believes that the woman at his bedside is an impostor. This novel won the National Book Award and was a Pulitzer finalist. My copy is in great condition, if you can look past the collegiate bookstore stickers affixed to it.


Here are the rules, ladies and gents. I am in full Christmas spirit, so leave me a comment and tell me about your favorite Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanza, etc.) tradition. Also leave me your email address because if you don't, I cannot get your address and send you a book. I will use the random number generator to pick a really awesome winner. Please only enter once. You do not have to follow my blog, because Google Friend Connect is going the way of the dinosaurs in a few months. You should, however, come and visit me again.

The giveaway will be open through January the 2nd, when I will return from my lovely holiday bloggy break.

Happy 100th post to me and happy giveaway to you!


  1. Congrats on your 100th post!! Would love to read the Invisible Line. People always ask me if I'm Black or not because I'm so fairskinned. Crazy right?? I can't imagine living back then and possibly passing myself off as white! But maybe I would've felt obligated to do so!!

    Fav Christmas tradish is going out on Christmas Eve, buying the last of my gifts and wrapping them in a cozy coffee shop. I also look at all the epic display windows at Macys, Lord & Taylor etc (I live in NYC and the tourists are blocking them every other day).


    Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

  2. Seriously - I would love either one of those books :-) My favorite holiday tradition is putting up the Christmas tree - and the lights on the tree in front of my house - I put almost 2000 lights on that thing this year and next year - I want to add even more!!

  3. YAY for giveaways and congrats on the 100th post! Our traditions are pretty low key as we have a small family and like to stick to home but Christmas would not be Christmas if at some point we did not indulge in at least one of The Harry Potter movies. Its true... one year we went through all 5 of them (at the time thats all there was)

  4. Thanks for pointing these books out - even if your giveaway is not international (I live in the Netherlands and know postage can be too much), I'm glad to have found out about these books. They both look great.

    My favorite Christmas tradition is to watch Dr Who on Christmas Day. We always make sure we sit around the tv in time! :-)