Thursday, July 5, 2012

June Wrapup

Is everybody keeping cool? Man, it is hot here in NJ! Thankfully, we have air conditioning and Grammy's pool down the street.
I'm curious - do you read more or less during the summer?

June Stats
Books reviewed: 8
Pages read: 2376
Fiction/non-fiction: 5/3
Female authors/male authors: 4/4
My books/library books: 8/0
Lindsey's favorite book in June: Russian Winter

Books reviewed by David: 3
David's favorite book in June: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

What was your favorite book in the month of June?


  1. Great photo!
    The weather is not great here in London, plenty of rain and humidity, not much sun. I'm getting excited for the Olympics and looking forward to finishing the school year on the 20th.

    1. Thanks Sam. I borrowed it from my husband's computer. I don't realize how many pictures I take of David by himself until I look for one of the two of us!

  2. I seem to be reading less these days, even though I am not really going outside all that much. I have no idea what I'm doing instead. Go figure.

    1. Ha, I can relate. That life thing always gets in the way of reading, right?