Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesdays with David: The Night Pirates

The Night Pirates
By Peter Harris
Illustrated by Deborah Allwright
Scholastic 2006
From the library

The story: One night, a nice, brave, little boy named Tom is awoken by noises outside of his house. He is met by a band of girl pirates who borrow the front of his house as a front for their pirate ship. Can Tom join them on their adventures to take the treasure from the rough, tough, grown-up Captain Patch? 

Mama opines: I like so many things about this book. The illustrations are wonderful and it's such a fun look at the ways in which small children love pirates. Perhaps my favorite part is that Tom is a boy, and he has to ask to join the girl pirates. It turns out that small girl pirates are pretty fierce and great companions for an adventure. Most of all, this book is a lot of fun to read. You know it's a good one when your little guy or girl asks to read it for the millionth time and you think, "Oh, ok, I love this one!" 

Thoughts from David: I like that they go down, down, down and I like that they go up, up up in the beginning. I do like all of the story.
Favorite part: I like this part (points) when the house is all tipped over.

Have a very happy Fourth of July!

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