Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesdays with David: Five Children and It

Five Children and It
By E. Nesbit
Scholastic 1988
197 pages
From our shelves

The story: Five siblings set out to explore the sand pit near their house. They discover a mysterious creature with eyes like a snail, hands like a monkey, and a small body covered in fur. The sand fairy agrees to grant them one wish per day. The children wish to be beautiful, to have wings, and to have a castle. But sometimes having your wish come true can make things very complicated....

Mama opines: David is really enjoying reading on his own these days, so I'm trying to find some books that he might not pick for the two of us to read together. This book was my mom's and it's a wonderful story, set in the English countryside, and filled with magic. The chapters are sort of long, but we are having a good time reading this in the midst of all the Boxcar Children and Magic Treehouse.

Thoughts from David: I like it because the sand fairy is so so so cool. And the children are so cool. And I like it because they try getting in the door, but they never get in it.
Favorite part: When they meet the sand fairy...

Happy Reading!

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  1. A beautiful story that reminds me of my childhood. In our childhood we all have been imagining the fairies and princess and these are always have been the fantasy world. Here the sand fairy appearance is so cute.