Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesdays with David: Little Boys Bible Storybook

Little Boys Bible Storybook
New Kids Media June 2009
359 pages
From our shelves

The story: Well, there are a lot of them. You probably know them, if you have spent any time in temple, Sunday School, or CCD. We have an ocean that parts to let the Israelites through, a man swallowed by a whale, and a boy who defeated a giant.

Mama opines: This children's bible is specially written with moms and little boys in mind. Each story is accompanied by adorable cartoon characters, including a little angel and lizard that take in everything that is happening. At the end of each story, there are questions for discussion, along with a verse and ways for mothers to encourage their sons.

Thoughts from David: I'm wondering how they made this book. It's so many books in one! I just can't wait to read it again. Oops! I didn't talk about that right. I was supposed to be talking about how I liked this book. I like this book because of the cool characters like God who knocked down the Tower of Babel and it would just crumble and fall down.

Do you have a favorite children's Bible?

Happy Reading!


  1. Can I just say I can't breathe from this picture?!! Look at Grace, already a reader.
    We have a series called The Little Midrash Says, made for children. ~Kelly (

    1. It's so sweet to see them reading together. It's fun this time around because I'm not the only one modeling a love of reading to the little one!

      Since my husband is a pastor, we end up with a lot of bibles for kids. I find it so interesting to see how we portray our faith to our kids, especially those parts that are difficult to explain.