Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Five #1

Hi boys and girls! I've seen this around the bookish interwebs, at cool sites like this one and this one. So I am about to tell you five things that will make your Friday more awesome.

1) I was going to share my thoughts on No One Is Here Except All of Us today...but I'm not. Mostly because this book is painfully good, in that it makes me want to do the ugly cry every time I read it. So I'm reading, but slowly. Check back next week - I will post the review and go out to buy more tissues.

2) The ladies at The Blue Bookcase are asking big important questions with their Literary Blog Hop. Up for this week: How do you find time to read, what's your reading style, and where do you think literature should rank in society's priorities?

3) I want all of the things here! My birthday is next month, people.

4) This article is making me want to go find our old book of  fairy tales and read them again. Those are some amazing and twisted stories.

5) The husband is having his ordination council this Sunday, which basically means that pastors in the denomination ask him questions and vote on whether they think he is ready to become a pastor. Any prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated!

Happy Weekend!

(by Ameilie Rose)


  1. Good luck to your husband, let us know how he gets on. I am not religious, but will most definitely be sending positive thoughts your way.

    I like Friday Fives, but am never organised enough to actually post them!