Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Laptop Blues

Hey there, lovely reader. How is your day going?

So I have no review for you today because my laptop shuffled off his mortal coil. That was bad news bears, people. The port where you plug your computer in burnt out and when there is no power, you get no computer.

Thankfully, that handsome husband of mine backed up my files and bought me a new laptop while I was at work. He is kind of awesome. You may all be appropriately jealous now.

This is my new friend laptop:

We will be friends. I am, though, a little behind on things since I was computer-less for a bit.

But I wouldn't let you visit and not leave you with a bookish goodie. Do you like to compare your reading speed with your friends and family? I found this cool thing on the Staples website where they time your reading and then compare it to the national average.

My dorkdom was satiated.

Check it out here:

Make sure to compliment your laptop tonight so it will not leave you forever. See you tomorrow, ladies and gents.


  1. Getting a new laptop is awesome! Mine is only a year old and I love it, but I secretly hope that something mortal happens to it because I really want to get a Samsung Slate PC.

    Enjoy your new friend!

    1. Thank you, Clay. I don't want to wish bad things for your computer, but I hope you get the new one soon!

  2. It is hard to be without a computer when you want one! Nice that your sweet hubby got one pretty quickly. And good that he had your files backed up! Which reminds me I need to do my weekly backup. :-)

    1. He is my hero this week! I do need to back up my blog though...I've heard some nasty stories about losing them.

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