Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesdays with David: Mirette on the High Wire

Mirette on the High Wire
By Emily Arnold McCully
Scholastic 1992
From our bookshelves

Sorry we are a little late posting this today. I'm not feeling so great today. I was the one taking a nap at rest time instead of David!

The story: Mirette lives in Paris at the turn of the twentieth century. She helps her mother run a boardinghouse that is home to actors, musicians, and circus stars. A mysterious stranger comes to stay at the house and Mirette discovers that he is the famed Bellini, a tightrope walker. But Bellini does not walk anymore - he is afraid. Can teaching Mirette to walk on the tightrope help Bellini find the courage to do the same?

Mama opines: This book is actually mine! Do you all remember book fairs in elementary school? I bought this book at the fair my kindergarten year. I loved this story as a girl - the colorful illustrations, the idea of living among artists in Paris, and Mirette's courage and determination. The fact that it's a Caldecott Medal recipient doesn't hurt either. 

Thoughts from David:  I like when the stranger comes.  I think that they have a great time in the book and because I love the part where they tight walk.
Favorite part: When she crosses the rope and my really favorite part is the end when they are tight walkers together. 

Happy Reading! 

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