Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesdays with David: Captain Pajamas

Captain Pajamas: Defender of the Universe
By Rosie Smith and Bruce Whatley
HarperCollins April 2000
This book is from the library in our new town. Hooray for new library cards!

The story: It is late at night. Everyone is sleeping, except for our hero Brian. He hears strange noises and then his Techno Robotic Alien Communicator begins to flash! He hurries to rescue his sister Jessie, who reluctantly accompanies Captain Pajamas (Brian) and his dog Shadow through the house on a hunt for aliens. But sometimes the aliens are where you least expect them...

Mama opines: This book is a lot of fun. I just happened to see this on the shelf on the library and knew that it would be perfect for a certain little boy. The interaction between a sleepy big sister and a determined little boy rings absolutely true to me. It's told in a sort of comic book format and the pictures are really fun. The only thing that is a little strange to me is that, in some pictures, Brian and Jessie have no mouths. Artistic preference I guess, but I like my characters to always have mouths. 
Anyway, this is a perfect pick for any little boy or girl who is obsessed with aliens or dreams of saving the universe!

Thoughts from David: I love it because he's a defender of the universe!
Favorite part: The alien part is my favorite!

Happy Reading!

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