Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesdays with David: Phoebe and Digger

Phoebe and Digger
By Tricia Springstubb
Illustrated by Jeff Newman
Candlewick Press 2013
From the library

The story: The back cover reads "When Mama got a new baby...Phoebe got a new digger." Phoebe is a little girl who is less than thrilled about the arrival of a small person who takes away her mom's attention. She is, however, excited about the new digger that helps her to pass the time. Can Phoebe still count on her mom when problems start at the playground and her digger can't help?

Mama opines: I have to admit that I had ulterior motives for picking this book out. Phoebe is learning that life with a new sibling can be complicated and sometimes you end up feeling a bit left out. I thought David might be able to relate!
I also loved that it featured a little girl who loves a digger. Hooray for every kid playing with whatever they want! This is a great book if your little guy or gal is becoming a big sibling or if you are just looking for a good story and great illustrations.

Thoughts from David: I liked when Digger built a mountain and then knocked it to smithereens. This book is about babies and trucks. Phoebe learns about babies because she become a big sister. 

Favorite part: When Digger built a road and a town with a castle and flags on top. And also a museum of precious jewels and beautiful flowers.

Happy Reading!


  1. What a vocabulary he has! As a reading specialist, I can tell you that what you're doing (getting him to elaborate his thoughts on the book, pick out favorite parts, etc) is so good for him.

    1. Thanks Kelly! I thought it would be fun, but I'm glad to know it's helping him to grow as a reader too. :)

      Your job sounds fascinating. What does one do exactly as a reading specialist?

  2. We just borrowed this from our library too! And I had the same motive (the new sibling part), although I think my son understands far less than yours, haha!

    1. I like our shared scheming quite a bit. :)
      Did he like it??

    2. He loved it! And in the evening when he was in the backyard, he decided to 'play digger' and erm dig up my backyard....and made such a mess... sigh....

    3. Thank goodness for bathtubs and washing machines! Although neither one helps much with the yard...