Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesdays with David: Boris on the Move

Boris on the Move
By Andrew Joyner
Scholastic 2011
72 pages
From the library 

Boris on the Move (Boris #1: A Branches Book)

The story: Boris lives with his mom and dad in a bus that used to travel around the world. Now it stays safely parked in their yard. One day, the bus starts with a jolt and Boris and his family are off again. He discovers that you don't need to travel to Africa or China to go on an amazing adventure.

Mama opines: This would be an excellent choice for a first chapter book for your little guy or girl. The chapters are short and there are plentiful illustrations. The characters talk by bubble, which will be familiar to children who love comic books. I know a book is a winner when David is begging me to get the rest of the series as soon as he finishes the first book!

Thoughts from David: Boris is a monster who longs for adventure. He is very excited when the bus he lives in starts to move! Then they start driving and then they slow down, turn off the road, and stop. Boris is very creative. He also hopes that one day he can go on another adventure.
Favorite part: When Boris finds a kitten.

Happy Reading! 


  1. Beautiful review, Lindsey! I didn't know that your 'Wednesdays with David' feature has started. Love this feature! Looking forward to catching up on your reviews of the previous weeks.

    It is also wonderful that you have finished 93 books this year! This is so wonderful! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Vishy! We were doing it for a while and then kindergarten started and it got lost by the wayside for a few months. I'm so glad it's back, mostly because David cracks me up.