Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesdays with David: Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia
Written by Hannah Dolan with Elizabeth Dowsett, Shari Last, and Victoria Taylor
DK Publishing 2011
205 pages
From the library

The story: There isn't a story here really. This book is a guide to all of the Lego Star Wars characters and play sets. It does, however, give some background information about each character. 

Mama opines: Those people over at Lego are quite clever, aren't they? This is really a little boy shopping list disguised in book form. It is rather helpful for making the Christmas list though...

Thoughts from David: Well, here we are, reading another Lego Star Wars book. It's been a lot of time since we read one of those. Ok, there's at least 200 pages in this Lego Star Wars book. I like that there are so many Lego sets in here, like the Hoth Rebel Base. Now, let's get on to my favorite set! 
Favorite Lego set: The Jedi Starfighter Set 

Happy Reading! 


  1. Nice review, Lindsey! I loved what David's Mama said :)

    1. You know parents always have to put their two cents in! :)

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