Thursday, May 8, 2014

Joining the Classics Club

After seeing so many bloggers participate in The Classics Club, I decided that I would join the fun. The goal is to read 50 classics within five years, so I will be aiming to finish this list by May of 2019.

Are you a part of The Classics Club? Which classic should I start with?

Much Ado About Nothing 
The Winter’s Tale 
Henry IV, Part 1 
Taming of the Shrew 
Richard III 
Moby Dick 
The Moonstone 
Anna Karenina
The Sun Also Rises
A Movable Feast
Their Eyes Were Watching God
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
The Big Sleep
Invisible Man
Excellent Women 
Under the Net
Everything That Rises Must Converge
Wide Sargasso Sea
One Hundred Years of Solitude
If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler
Alias Grace
Fahrenheit 451
Tale of Two Cities
Crime and Punishment
North and South
A Prayer for Owen Meaney
East of Eden
The Age of Innocence
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
The House of Mirth
We Have Always Lived In the Castle
The Princess and the Goblin
Dr. Zhivago
Vanity Fair
The Picture of Dorian Grey
The Group 
Song of Solomon
Death Comes for the Archbishop
Murder on the Orient Express
And Then There Were None
A Murder Is Announced


  1. I like classics, but don't read nearly enough of them lately. I have considered joining The Classics Club myself... And think I might just do that, but next year as I see it as a 'challenge' to an extent and I'm not participating in challenges this year.

    Of the books you have mentioned I have read the following: A Moveable Feast, Rebecca, The Big Sleep, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Picture of Dorian Grey, Dracula and Then There Were None. I thoroughly enjoyed them all, and would recommend them all. The only one I found to be a bit 'slow' was A Moveable Feast because it is a memoir and I had never really read anything like that previously. I would say Rebecca, The Big Sleep and Then There Were None were my favourites from those I mentioned as I've actually looked beyond those books and sought further works from those authors.

    I hope you enjoy being a part of The Classics Club and reach your goal! Good luck!
    Bits & Bobs

    1. Thanks so much Jade. I think being a part of this will help me remember to intersperse my reading with some classics. I started the year off with one, but by the time I finally finished The Arabian Nights I was ready for a break!

      Thanks for the recommendations! I actually just read Passing and I signed up for the Classics Spin, where they will randomly pick a number and you read the corresponding book. So we will see which book is next! :)

  2. Oh, Stoner is a great choice. Best wishes to you on this. :)

    1. Thanks so much! I've heard great things about Stoner, so I'm excited to read it.

  3. Yay for joining!
    And what an awesome list - some of my favourites on it are Dracula, Anna Karenina, Rebecca and East of Eden. Good luck :)

    1. Thanks Sam! Dracula seems to be on everyone's list...I should probably read that one sooner rather than later! :)

  4. What a great list of books to choose from! Some of my favorites are Dracula, The House of Mirth, and Middlemarch. But I love the children's classics you've included, too. In fact, seeing your list makes me want to pull out my own copy of The Princess and the Goblin and read it all over again. Happy Reading!

    1. I keep hearing about The Princess and the Goblin and I somehow managed to grow up without reading it! I think it's time to fix that...

  5. Middlemarch!!! I LOVED it when I read it in college - and am to afraid to read it again in case my impression changes! I read Tale of Two Cities at an even younger age and thought it was great. I get so nostalgic about classics!

    1. That makes sense! Perhaps that's why I don't do a lot of re-reads...