Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Review: Maybe One Day

Maybe One Day
By Melissa Kantor
HarperTeen February 2014
384 pages
From the library

Maybe One Day

When Zoe and Olivia are cut from their prestigious dance company, they are sure it is the worst thing that could ever happen to them. But then Olivia gets sick. Zoe does her best to stay strong for her friend. She visits her in the hospital, takes over teaching her dance class, and tells Olivia of all of the ridiculous exploits of their fellow students. When she finds herself falling for Olivia's crush, she can't decide if telling her will help or hurt. Underneath it all, Zoe fears the unthinkable - that Olivia will never get better and her life will never be the same.

Reading YA novels is sometimes difficult for me. I find the whining and nonsensical decisions that seem inherent to their characters to be obnoxious and cliche. This story does not entirely escape those problems. It's tough to feel too much sympathy for Zoe as she whines about her life while her best friend is fighting for hers. There are also moments when she makes decisions that you know can only end badly and wonder how she can miss the inevitable results.

But this story really shines in its portrayal of best friends. The kind of everyday relationship that is only possible during high school and college is on full display in this story. Reading about Zoe and Olivia's sister-like relationship reminds all of us of the days when we saw each other after every class, went to each other's houses after school, and talked on the phone before bed. In a genre that is over-saturated with love triangles, it is nice to see a story with a focus on friendship instead of a dreamy boy or unattainable girl.

Maybe One Day and its characters recognize that the major issues of life are intertwined with the small. People we love become very sick on the same day that we get a good grade in a class. We fall in love right after a fender-bender. It's never one or the other. Just like each one of us, Zoe must learn to live through the mundane and the life-changing. 


  1. Finding good YA reads is not always that easy; this one actually sounds readable. That fact that it's about friendship and not a "does he like me? do I like him?" kind of book is a bonus. Great review (as always).

    1. That is certainly true! It was nice to read about a solid friendship that reminded me of my high school best friend!

  2. Just picked this up from the Kindle Daily Deal last week. Glad I did, it sounds excellent. Great review!