Monday, January 16, 2017

It's Monday and I didn't post a thing!

I had plans for this week. I was going to write lots of reviews. I would have posts most days this week! But that didn't happen.

Instead, I spent lots of time with my family. All of my sisters were in town at the same time, so we ran away to Philadelphia for a sisters sleepover and spent lots of time with the whole family before my one sister went back home to California and another embarked on a semester abroad.

But maybe this week, friends. This might be the week I finally write some reviews! The reading has been moving along, as usual. I read Orphan Train and finished my first (hopefully not only) audiobook of the year. If you are thinking of reading The Book of Unknown Americans, I highly recommend the audiobook version. I'm currently reading Zadie Smith's Swing Time and Edna St. John Millay's Make Bright the Arrows.


What are you reading this week?



  1. Oooh, thanks for the recommendation on The Book of Unknown Americans! I've read the book but it was quite some time ago and I'm always looking for good audio picks; I would listen to it again, for sure. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Good books, all. And I believe it's okay (big intake of breath) to set aside the books now and then. Especially for family.

  3. I still have not yet read Orphan Train but I'm really, really interested in that one. Hope I can get to it soon.
    Rebecca @ The Portsmouth Review
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