Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Music Review: A Laurie Berkner Christmas

I know, I know, Christmas was a week ago. I've been meaning to review this CD with the little one for weeks, but we were too busy listening to it (and of course, doing all the other wonderful, crazy holiday stuff).

Laurie Berkner is much-beloved by the preschool crowd. We've reviewed one of her albums here and she is a favorite in our house. In fact, my four-year-old often requests Berkner (one name, like Cher), so we were happy to get her Christmas CD. There is a lovely combination of original songs and traditional songs performed in a new way. Your kids will definitely be happy to sing along, but it won't drive you crazy if you have to listen to it for 25 days straight.

A Laurie Berkner Christmas

Becca's Thoughts: It's awesome. Berkner is really good and I like her. When I was a baby, I loved Berkner so much and I needed Berkner songs. The Christmas songs are awesomest because they are all about these Christmas guys and they are so awesome! Sing with Becca and Berkner all across the world!

Song Most Likely To Cause A Small Concert In the Backseat: Christmas Lights
Song Clearly Meant For A Christmas Dance Party: Santa's Coming to My House Tonight
Song That Still Makes Me Cry (every time): Silent Night
Song I Had Never Heard Before: Christmas Is Coming
Becca's Favorite Songs: Candy Cane Jane and Jingle Bells

A Laurie Berkner Christmas
October 2012
15 songs
Received for review

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