Friday, January 27, 2012

Change of Plans

Guys, I've got nothing.

I was going to direct you to my review of Camp Nine over at the Atlantic Highlands Herald. But a girl just can't blame an editor for not posting an article when I submitted it around midnight last night.

So what shall I tell you? I'm reading This Side of Paradise for F Scott in 2012. I shall post on Tuesday. It's not too late to join in, if you wish! I also have the gigantic and somewhat intimidating David Copperfield staring back at me from the bookshelf. I have to confess that I've only read two Dickens novels...everyone loves A Christmas Carol but I did not like Great Expectations one little bit. My expectations were not met at all. More bad jokes about expectations...So I have some nerves about this endeavor, but I should really just jump in. After all, the library does not let you keep books forever (as my fines will attest to).

I should also confess that I have been reading less than usual this week. I would like to blame it squarely on these people:

The episodes are just so short. It's easy to rationalize just one more...until you are halfway through a season and it's after midnight. Anyone else want to confess about their addiction? 

On a personal note, the hubby returns from a trip to Florida tonight. Someone is super excited, but I won't tell you who. Ok, fine, stop hounding me! It's me! Have an excellent weekend, people. Kiss a baby. Hug your grandma. Pick up the phone and finally call your best friend back...oh wait, that's what I have to do.

See you all on Monday!

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