Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesdays with David: Cookiebot!: A Harry and Horsie Adventure

A Harry and Horsie Adventure
By Katie Van Camp and Lincoln Agnew
Balzer + Bray May 2011
From our lovely local library 

The Story: Harry and his beloved Horsie have been hard at work building a block tower of epic proportions. This, of course, calls for a snack. But today the friends don't want just any snack. They want cookies. For some strange reason, Mom has placed the cookie jar out of reach. The solution is simple. Build a giant robot that can procure all of the cookies needed to make little tummies happy. Until...Harry and Horsie lose control of the Cookiebot who goes on a cookie-snatching rampage!

Mama opines: This is our first experience with Harry and Horsie. We have regrettably not read the earlier book Harry and Horsie (but it looks like they go to outer space, so you know we are all over that!) David loves robots - Wall E is one of his favorite books/movies, so when I saw this on the library shelf, I knew it would be a winner. The story is fun and sweet and the illustrations are amazing - big, bold, comic book style graphics in attention-grabbing primary colors. Mama gives this one two thumbs up. 

Thoughts from David: I like it because he is building it and because they call it the Cookiebot! I like that he turns him on and when he got one (cookie) for the horsie, suddenly he steals all the cookies and dumps them in his mouth!
Favorite part: When the robot crashes! 

As always, happy reading from the little boy and his mama!

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