Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesdays with David: Llama Llama Red Pajama

Llama Llama Red Pajama
By Anna Dewdney 
Viking Juvenile May 2005
From our well-loved bookshelves

The Story: Llama Llama's mama puts him to bed and heads back downstairs to do mama stuff like washing dishes and returning phone calls. As Llama Llama sits in the dark, he wonders what his mama is doing and if she will ever come back. 

Mama opines: This has been a favorite around here for a long time. Llama Llama is the perfect preschooler in llama form. His fears, desires and temper tantrums are going to resonate with anyone who has a little person in their house. I love, love, love, the way that Mamma Llama deals with his bedtime fears in this book. She tells him that although she has other things to do, she is always nearby if he needs his mama. This is a sweet book that mommies and daddies will love reading before bedtime to assuage all of those bedtime fears. 

Thoughts from David: I like all of the pages. I really like Llama llama. 
Favorite part: The kisses from mama llama. 

P.S. - A word to the wise: this is what happens when you let your four year old play downstairs for a little while, so you can sleep just a few more minutes. He eats chocolate cake for breakfast.

Happy Reading, sugar-fueled kiddos and tired parents!

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