Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesdays with David: The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit
By Margery Williams
Illustrated by Florence Graham
Abridged Version
Grossett & Dunlap 1987

The Story: A little boy receives a rabbit for Christmas. The rabbit waits in the nursery for the boy to notice him, to love him, to make him real. The boy comes to love him and the two are inseparable until the boy gets scarlet fever. After he recovers, all of his toys and books are sent away. The velveteen rabbit is despondent until a fairy appears to him and turns him into a real bunny.

Mama opines: You guys, I am a little teary. I practically pulled teeth to get David to listen to this book a few days ago. Ever since, he has picked it to read every single day. This is the actual book that my mom and dad gave me when I was around his age. I love this story. It's sweet and simple and if you have never read it to your little one, you must do so immediately! Small note: I will admit to leaving out that tiny detail about them taking all of the toys out to be burned...since it doesn't actually happen, I find that saying that the toys had to be taken away is much better for both of our hearts. 

Thoughts from David: I like it because the rabbit gets to be real.
Favorite part: When the boy has the ill (so cute!) and the bunny goes out to the garden and gets to be real! 

Happy reading, everyone!

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