Friday, April 6, 2012

Review: Carry the One

Carry The One
By Carol Anshaw
Simon and Schuster March 2012
253 pages
From the library

My review is up at the Atlantic Highlands Herald. Have you read Carry the One? What did you think? 

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter!


  1. Great review, Lindsey! I don't think this would be a book for me as there are too many 'issues' but it is an intriguing premise.

    1. Thanks Sam. I was disappointed that the overshadowed the story - it sounded so interesting!

  2. Loved the review. I must say, the title of the book and cover are quite catching, and the fact it's about siblings. I love well done sibling development.

    But I think I'll keep it in the maybe pile. As Sam said, it sounds like quite of the few issues tackled aren't things I'd want to read about. At least not right now. ^_^

    I hope you had a lovely Easter.

    1. Thank you! There was this section when the sisters are going to help their brother (again) even though the results will probably be the same. I thought "Yes, that is what being a sibling is all about."
      Our Easter was lovely. How was yours??