Saturday, April 27, 2013

24 Hour Readathon, post the second

Hello readers! How is it going??

I am pleased as punch to announce that I have finished my first book of the event. Woohoo!

Who Will Run The Frog Hospital?
147 pages - donesies!

I've also had a bagel (cinnamon raisin with half cream cheese, half butter, if you were wondering) and put away a bit of laundry. I am about to start reading this book:

But before I do, I'm going to take part in one of the fabulous challenges that you can do during the readathon. This is the "Re-title Your Book" challenge. Since I just finished Who Will Run the Frog Hospital? I am going to rename it Small Town Life in the 70s Is Tough. 

Back to reading for this girl! I hope you are all having a blast.


  1. LOVE YOUR TITLE! I grew up in a small town and yes in the 70s I imagine it was harder!

  2. Actually, I like your title better....far more descriptive of the book, lol!

    1. I actually like the title and I liked the book, but it just doesn't tell you much about the story.

  3. Hope you enjoy Fever! It's a pretty quick read, too.

    1. It is a great read. I'm getting back to it soon!

  4. Ooooh, Fever! I really liked that one! That bagel sounds damn fine to me ;)

    Everywhere we go
    People want to know
    Who we are
    So we tell them
    We are the readers!
    The mighty, mighty readers!

    I hope you’re having a fantastic Read-a-Thon!
    Jennifer ~ Team Panda
    The Relentless Reader

    1. I personally feel it is the best way to eat a bagel. :)

  5. I have never heard of Fever, but that cover looks so intriguing! Thanks for introducing me to a new book! Keep reading and have fun! ~Tiffany (Team Panda)