Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bookish Links

Remember when I cheerfully wrote on a Sunday evening that we had been visited by a stomach bug but everyone had emerged healthy? Don't let me do that again. I obviously jinxed us. I am (hopefully) done with it for now, but David is dealing with a second round. Sigh.
In the meantime, I give you some bookish stuff on the internet. Enjoy!

I love words, especially big or obscure ones. So this article highlighting 18 obsolete words was right up my alley. I learned that I am currently with squirrel and have been known to groak from time to time.

BookRiot is a great website for all bookish people. I read it daily and was thrilled to find a bookstore choose your own adventure. What could be better?

There has been a lot of talk in the past few weeks about what responsibility, if any, a reader owes to an author. Jenn of Picky Girl Reads argues that readers should not feel obligated to support an author in any way. I agree - if there is an author who I adore, I will purchase their books and I will praise them to everyone I meet. But I do not owe any author my money or my positive acclaim simply because they wrote a book.

The 2012 Vida Count. If you are unaware, this is a survey done each year of major publications. These researchers look at the breakdown of men and women writers whose books are reviewed and the ratio of men and women who are doing the reviewing. The numbers are abysmal, to say the least.

On a similar note, this article is a really heartbreaking read. Deborah Kogan is a New York Times bestselling author whose most recent novel was nominated for The Women's Prize for Fiction. She has been discounted and manipulated so many times as both a woman and an author.

"Reading is like Mother Teresa or breastfeeding. Untouchable. Unassailable. If you’re a kid with a reading problem, people pin awards on you. If you’re an adult, they pretend to be impressed.
But nobody tells you to stop."
Loving to read is both a blessing and a curse, according to Rainbow Rowell. 

Ok, that's it. Go forth, read lots of articles, and irritate your husband by opening a hundred tabs at once. Oh, that's just me?

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