Sunday, April 28, 2013

24 Hour Readathon, post the third

Well, I'm still here...or back again, I guess you could say. In the early afternoon, I took a break to clean up the house a bit and take a shower. Then my lovely in-laws came for a visit and took the hubby, the little guy, and me out for a happy birthday dinner. It's nice to spread your birthday out over a whole weekend. :)

So here is where we stand reading-wise:

Who Will Run The Frog Hospital?
147 pages

216/306 pages read

The Mystery at Skeleton Point
38/120 pages read

Yes...I know, I know. The Boxcar Children book is David's, not mine. But I had a companion join me in reading this afternoon for a while and when he asked me to read a few chapters aloud to him, I couldn't refuse. I figure if I read the pages, I can count them towards my readathon total! Plus, he's a really cute reading buddy.

I'm going to try to read a few more chapters and then catch a few hours of sleep before writing a wrap-up post in the morning. I haven't made it for a full 24 hours of the readathon yet and I'm pretty sure that at almost nine months pregnant, this isn't the time to start.

To those of you who are going for the full 24 hours, you are amazing! Keep on keeping on....


  1. Aw, I think it's great you were reading to your little boy. That's how we become readers. :)

    Who will run the frog hospital has me very intrigued. I have never heard of this title and it's a funny one!

    I hope the read-a-thon was great for you!

    Jenn and The Cats *Team Panda*

    1. He is a great reader. I love the few times he asks me to read to him these days!

      Who Will Run the Frog Hospital? is a good read but it's from the 90s so I don't think people are talking about it much these days.

  2. Aww, I love your little reading buddy and that TOTALLY counts toward the readathon. Who knows? Maybe this time next year he'll be participating with you. Or can at least read to his new sibling while you nap. Which is also a winning situation.

    How was the Lorrie Moore? She's one of those writers I've tried once or twice but never finished a book, but I've always liked that title.

    1. I tried to get him to participate more, but he had other plans for the day! :)

      The Lorrie Moore book was beautiful. I enjoyed her book The Gate at the Stairs and I'm glad I happened to spot this one.

  3. Your reading buddy is ADORABLE :) I tried to get my kids to read with me but all I got in return was a bunch of eye-rolling teenagers. Poo on them! ;)

    I love this event, can't wait for the next one!

    1. Boo! I'm sorry you didn't get any reading buddies. I want to try to get my high school age sister to read with me one time, but she has so much going on during the weekends.

      I'm glad you had a blast - I did too! :)