Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesdays with David: Fortunately, the Milk

Fortunately the Milk
By Neil Gaiman
Harper Collins September 2013
114 pages
From the library

Fortunately, the Milk

The Story: It's breakfast time and the kids aren't keen about putting OJ in their cereal. Since Mom is out of town, it falls to Dad to head out and pick up some milk. When Dad finally makes it back home, he has quite a tale to tell. It involves time travel, dinosaurs, pirates, and know, a usual trip to the corner store. 

Mama opines: Neil Gaiman. Neil Gaiman writing for kids. You know this book is going to be a nonstop romp with plenty of adventure throughout. The man has an awesome imagination and thank goodness he puts it to work for kids and adults alike. This would be perfect to read with Fortunately, Unfortunately

Thoughts from David: Fortunately, the Milk is sort of like a ghost. Awoooo! It's like a ghost because it has scary parts. In the beginning there was only orange juice in the fridge. There was only very few things in the fridge, which I already told you that there was only orange juice and a few more things. Well, I kinda have to say that their mom had gone off. And in the middle of the story, there was Splod and there were pirates and stegosauruses and floaty balloon carrier time machines. There were also ponies, different milks, and then, at the end, there were bad things because aliens tried to catch them! And pirates! And piranhas! 
Favorite part: When they grab that special shiny greeny stone. 
Who should read the book first? Kindergarteners in my class! 

Happy Reading!