Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review: God Is Able

God Is Able
By Priscilla Shirer
B & H Books October 2013
157 pages
Received for Review from Publicist

God is Able

Everyone has a thing - that one thing that you think cannot be changed or fixed. There's a fear or a broken relationship or a problem that is so big that it seems insurmountable. In her book God Is Able, Priscilla Shirer reminds us that nothing is impossible with God, not even that one thing you think cannot be fixed. She takes just two verses - Ephesians 3:20 and 21 and revolutionizes the way you see God's power and the possibilities of your relationship with Him.

There are an awful lot of inspirational books that help you to closely study portions of the Bible. In my experience, some of them are good. Some of them are pretty bad. It's a very difficult thing to balance deep analysis of Scripture and a conversational tone. I've read some books where the authors go so far out of their way to be friendly and accessible that their points get lost completely. I've read other books where the subject becomes very dry and boring because the personality of the author is completely missing from the pages. I am happy to report that this is not a problem in God Is Able. Ms. Shirer manages to strike a perfect balance. Reading her book means that you are learning, but it feels like learning from a close friend or beloved teacher instead of a boring lecturer. 

At first glance, it seems like 150 pages is a few pages too many for an author to indicate that God is capable of doing anything. But this book is the perfect length. The first chapter deals with only one word: now. The first thing we must realize as we gaze at our problems is that God can solve it in this moment - not down the road, not when some smaller problems have been dealt with, but right now. Then Shirer brings the reader's attention to one of our greatest follies as Christians. We believe that God can do miracles, but we are just not sure we are the people God will give them to. She points out that God loves us enough to give us big miracles and that He knows more than we do. He will give us not just what we think we need, but the things we never imagined we could have.

Ms. Shirer is a wonderful writer. She writes like the charming Southern lady that she is, peppering her points with "I'm telling ya" and "come on." Her Biblical study is right on point without giving away any of her delightful and friendly personality. God Is Able is a book for the new Christian who isn't sure of God's capabilities, the woman who can't seem to find joy in the minutiae of life, or the man who believes in a heavenly Father but doesn't believe that God will solve his problem.

To the ladies and gents of the FTC: I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Sounds quite good. Thanks for the review. We do tend to get stuck in certain situations, not moving forward. Sometimes we need to work hard to overcome problems. But when you rely on the Holy Spirit, and it's His work, then you can relax and work along with Him.

    1. I liked that she hit on so many of the little things that keep us from believing. We don't doubt in general, we just think "not us" or "not this thing right now." It was a good read. :)

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