Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesdays with David: The Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to the little boy who makes me smile and cracks me up each and every day.

Happy Birthday to the little boy who is so much a baby and so much a big boy.

Happy Birthday to the boy who loves the bravado of Star Wars and the Transformers, but will run over in a second if his sister cries.

Happy Birthday to my fearless American Ninja Warrior, my brave Jedi, and my curious bookworm.

I love you.




  1. Happy Birthday to David :) Hope all of you had a wonderful time at the birthday party with cakes and presents.

    1. Thank you Vishy! The hat is from his kindergarten class. We will be celebrating this weekend with family and a few of David's friends.

    2. Wonderful to know that, Lindsey! Hope you have a wonderful birthday party this weekend!

      I loved your description of David as your brave Jedi and your curious bookworm :)