Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Wishes for the Book Genie to Grant

If there was such a thing as a Book Genie, what wishes would you have her grant? I'm going to tell you mine. Don't forget to hop over to The Broke and the Bookish and see what other readers would wish for.

1) The ability to remember everything about the books I read without having to go back to my reviews

2) A library that would deliver my books to my house

3) A replicator from Star Trek by my reading chair, so I could have coffee and snacks without having to go to the kitchen

4) A book finder for the library books my little guy seems to keep losing

5) A kindle that is always charged

6) Endless funds to buy more books and bookish stuff

7) New releases every year from my favorite authors

8) A book club in my community with great members, books, wine, and snacks

9) An indie bookstore within walking distance with a great kid's section

10) More time to read (duh!)

What would you wish for? 


  1. Awesome list! A replicator- what a great idea! ACtually a lot of Star trek tech would be pretty neat to have, now that I think about it. And yes to always being charged. I laughed when I saw that , so true.

    A great book club would be nice too.

    1. I confess to asking my husband what it was called. I have occasionally watched Star Trek, but I'm a Star Wars girl at heart. :)

  2. I totally agree with you on #1 & 2, as well as #7, 9 and 10. I would only add my own wish for a library that has every book I want to read ... even the hard-to-find, out-of-print ones, and that the books are there, available for me to read, the moment I want to read them. That isn't asking for too much, is it? :)

  3. Why is my Kindle always dead when I pick it up? Anyway, this is a cute Top Ten Tuesday topic. How about books always having gorgeous covers? :)

  4. I just love this week's topic - it's fun reading all the varied answers.

    There are lots of your wishes that I do would wish for (I mean, unlimited book funds, yes please!) but an indie book shop with a great children's section would be my top. I live in a little village, so it isn't likely to be coming anytime soon, nor within walking distance, but I'd love that!!

    All Things Bookish – Jade Louise

  5. A book club is a great wish! I've always wanted to be in a real-life book club but it hasn't happened yet. I would also love to be able to remember more about the books I've read. I've got a terrible memory, and even re-reading my reviews doesn't always bring back the finer details.

  6. These are all great, but #1 is at the top of my list! I would feel way more awesome I could remember all the fun things I learn from reading nonfiction :)