Friday, June 3, 2016

May Wrap-Up and What I'm Into

June has arrived, so they tell me. May passed by in a blur of crazy schedules and lots of visits from friends and family and celebrations of birthdays and Mother's Day. I am hopeful for a quieter sort of summer, although life is pretty good at throwing curveballs.

D has a few more weeks of school, but we are already starting a slow transition to summer. Most mornings, BG and I walk him to the bus stop and then return home to play outside for an hour or two before it gets too hot. She got a sandbox for her birthday and it is very adored. We may even set up the little pool in the backyard this weekend if it doesn't rain...

What I Read/Reviewed:
This month, I reviewed seven books on my blog. One was nonfiction and six were novels. I read two library books, four books for review, and one from my own shelves.


                  Alice and Oliver    Tales of Accidental Genius    A Tyranny of Petticoats
    The Girl From Everywhere    Excellent Daughters    Be Safe, I Love You    Hanging Mary

My favorites from this month were Tales of Accidental Genius and Be Safe, I Love You.          

Favorite posts:

I had fun rounding up our favorite non-traditional princess stories and started a new series that suggests one kid's book and one adult book to read together! 

What I've Been Watching:

We are almost done with our rewatch of The West Wing. We are back to watching Orphan Black and Royal Pains. The first episode of Outlander this season was ok, but we haven't watched any farther yet. Is anyone current on this season? How is it? 

What I've Been Cooking/Baking: 

Blueberry Cupcakes from Martha Stewart (for a certain little girl's birthday)

Blueberry Cupcakes

When the warmer weather strikes, we are all about simple salads and recipes for the grill. We recently enjoyed these Greek Chicken Kebabs from Mel's Kitchen Cafe and made a Raspberry Chicken Salad. The salad has a spinach base. Add raspberries, chopped walnuts, and grilled chicken that sat in dijon and honey marinade for a while. Blend 1 cup raspberries with 1/4 cup of the marinade to make dressing. Then dig in! 

What were you into during the month of May?

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  1. May had too much running around, eh? Ugh. This time of year is so busy. My dd is getting ready to graduate high school. Only a few more weeks and then I can start summer.

    1. It is certainly a crazy time of year! I was just saying to another mom at church that I keep waiting for the calm time, but it hasn't happened yet...

  2. It sounds like May was a busy but fruitful month. Your littlest looks very happy with her sandbox - I'm trying to fin some garden toys for Alexander now the weather is improving and we're spending a lot of the day out there; I'll have to look in to sandboxes. Also, I really liked the new series you introduced, look forward to seeing more of that.

    Happy June!

    1. BG (and her big brother) are head over heels for the sandbox. They will play in there for hours. Let me know if you get one for Alexander!

      Thank you for the kind comment about the new series. It's pretty fun so far!