Thursday, September 3, 2015

What I'm Into/August Wrap-Up

While I usually recap the month, this is my first time linking up with Leigh Kramer and her awesome What I'm Into. Without further ado, let's talk about August!

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This was a really good month and a rather hard month. We had lots of great family time with everyone here before my one sister headed back home to Mississippi and my other sister went back to college for the fall semester. My best friend visited before she moves across the country next week. I'm so excited for her big new adventure, but I'm going to miss the ability to hop in the car and see her in a few hours.

I sometimes feel bad that we didn't take a big vacation or complete a full list of fun summer activities with the kids. But then I think of the things they will remember - jumping off the cushions together onto piles of pillows, coming home from the library with huge piles of books, cramming together into one tiny chair to watch a tv show, and snuggles/tickles in bed with their Mom and Dad. I've decided that those are pretty good as far as kid memories go. I love that the two of them really want to spend time together. My sisters are some of my best friends and I hope that my kids grow up to be lifelong friends too.

Click Clack Moo and a Geronimo Stilton comic, if you were wondering.

What I've Been Reading:

         When the Moon is Low    Girl at War  Saint Mazie
I reviewed 8 books this month. 6 were fiction and 2 were non-fiction, and all but one were written by women. Four of the books were checked out from our local library, three were for review, and one was from my own shelves. All in all, I read 2,400 pages and listened to 6 1/2 hours of an audiobook.

My favorite August read? I have a hard time picking! If you haven't read them, you should really pick up Saint Mazie, Girl At War, The Shore, and When The Moon is Low. 

                               Quiet     Welcome to My Breakdown     Saint Mazie
                               Girl At War    The Shore   When the Moon Is Low
                                The Last Bookaneer    Murder on the Orient Express 

Favorite Post from this month:
I wrote about my son's favorite heroines and why it is so important that our boys read about girls here.

What I've Been Watching:
I am officially on the Parks And Rec band wagon. I am currently working my way through Season 3 and it is glorious. Also, I'm pretty sure I got my husband hooked too. Victory!

What I've Been Listening To:

An Evening with Sutton Foster over and over again. Sutton is hilarious and she picked the most glorious collection of music for this concert. I wish I could have seen it in person.

I've also been listening to several albums of Gungor. I love their music and recently sang one of their songs at our church.


Podcasts:  Book Riot, The Liturgists, Dear Sugar Radio

What I've Been Cooking and Baking:
(All pictures are from the respective websites - I am apparently not a very good food blogger/photographer)

Delicious Brownies via Sassy Radish

                        And this batch of spicy brownies with flaky salt, minus a few that @afreedman3 is claiming, will go out to the coworkers tomorrow. Cc @amyhordes @tittigrr @phaidonsnaps

This most amazing pizza via How Sweet It Is

Chicken Parm Sliders via Family Bites 
                   Chicken Parm Sliders

What We Love This Month:

1. The Penderwicks - we read this as our summer read-aloud. David and I both loved it and he immediately took the sequel with him to read in bed as soon as we finished the first book.

2. Honest Company Bubble Bath - What is cuter than a kid in a bathtub filled with bubbles? Nothing at all.

3. Cold Brew Coffee - Mama needs coffee but it has been a hot summer. It's easy as can be to brew some coffee and then enjoy a cold drink.

4. Anniversaries - As of this month, the husband and I have now been married for 8 years. We even went out to dinner (what?!?) because my sister was awesome and stayed with the kids. The new to us restaurant we tried for the occasion was ok, but the ice cream store down the street afterwards was delicious!

What did you love in August?


  1. Madeline t-shirt! Adorable!!

    1. We love Madeline around here, although BG says it "Ma'line" when she wants to read it or wear her shirt!

  2. Oh, I love the link-up and doing this at the end of the month - I might have to try it for September! Those brownies look AMAZING! Sorry, the food distracted me first. I think you're totally right about the little memories being important, though we don't always think they will be.

    1. It was fun. I liked writing about more than the reading, although you know that will always be a favorite part. :)

      The brownies were so so good. I made them for our church's coffee fellowship but made a second pan for the family to eat.

  3. A very belated happy anniversary to you! I'm with Shannon in that sometimes it's the tiniest moments that we carry with us the longest. :)

    I haven't visited How Sweet It Is in YEARS—it used to be one of my very favorite food blogs!