Sunday, October 23, 2011

Readthon Update: 1 a.m.

Oh friends, I wish I could stay up all night with you. But someone has to lead the singing at church in 9 hours and that doesn't work very well when that person is snoozing in the pew.

So....I am hoping to catch a few hours of sleep and get back up for the last hour or so. Here is my reading in the past two hours.

Audiobook: Working through disc 8 and the dishwasher is unloaded, too!

On page 135 (19 pages read)
63 pages to go!

On page 106 (54 pages read)
243 pages to go!

For those of you going the full 24 hours, you are amazing! I will see you all in a few hours. Happy Reading!


  1. You're amazing too! I took a nap before getting back to the read-a-thon -- and I don't have any commitment for Sunday, so I'll sleep plenty. Singing at 9? Really, you are amazing!
    Hope you enjoyed the ride!

  2. Well done! You are a good citizen of both Bookland and the real world.