Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesdays with David: No Jumping on the Bed!

No Jumping on the Bed!
By Tedd Arnold 
Dial Books for Young Readers 1987

No Jumping on the Bed is about a timeless battle between parents and their children. Walter wants to jump on his bed - his father tells him it is not a good idea. His father tucks him in and leaves his room. Walter wants to obey and is about to go to sleep when he hears the boy upstairs jumping on his bed! If Delbert can jump on his bed, so can Walter!

So he jumps...but this time, the consequences are unfortunate. Walter falls through the floor, meeting each of his neighbors on the way down. Walter gets covered in spaghetti and paint and lands in several unfortunate situations.

This book is very cute - David and I had a blast reading it and the illustrations are really charming. He has already asked to read it a second time today.

Thoughts from David:
“I like when it (the ceiling) cracks open and when he jumps on the bed. And I liked when he falls and lands in the pascettis (spaghetti) and when he falls into the tv room and when he falls through the blocks.”

Me: Do you think you will fall through the ceiling if you jump on the bed?
David nods. 

Me: Where will you land? 
“On you, I’ll land on you!”
(I will watch where I sit tonight after bedtime.)

As always, happy reading from the little guy and his mama!

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