Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesdays with David: Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?

Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?
By Susan A. Shea
Paintings by Tom Slaughter
Blue Apples Books March 2011
Suggested Age Range: 4-8 years old

This book is so imaginative and fun. This is my favorite book I've read with David in a while. The book compares things that are organic or capable of growth, with things that are not. "If a duckling grows and becomes a duck, can a car grow and become a truck?"

This is a great book to get some science in with your child without hitting them over the head with "Here! This is science!" Instead, it's subtle and surprisingly hilarious. David thought it was oh so funny to think that a cupcake would grow up into a cake or a shovel grow into a plow.

The illustrations in this book are really amazing. It has these bright, bold pictures set against these colorful backgrounds. I don't know a lot about illustration, but I do know that those pictures are awesome.

Thoughts from David:
"I like it because it’s the best. It’s good because I know that I love it."
How many times do you want to read it? "So many!"
What is your favorite part? "The ending, because it says yes to a living, growing you. Babies can grow into grownups!" (Unless that baby is named David. Because his mama says no to that ever happening, thank you very much.)

Happy Reading!
See you next Wednesday for another post filled with great books for kids and this guy's cute face.

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