Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September Wrap-Up and What I'm Into

September is done? Are you sure? Well, all right then. Fall is decidedly in the air. I am happy with my warm blankets, pumpkin coffee, and plans to use our backyard fire pit. We will, however, escape the cool temperatures for a few days with a cruise later this month. I think by that point we will be ready to break our bathing suits out again and spend some time on the beach!

But this month was certainly not boring. We had two weddings, traveled cross country and back within four days, and our son started third grade. I know, I now have a pretty big kid. I don't want to talk about it.

What? Is there a different way to wait for the bus? 

What I Read/Reviewed:
I reviewed nine books this month. Five were for review and four were from the library. I finally wrote about a nonfiction book in the midst of all my novels. I feel like I am not reading much nonfiction lately. However, the truth is just that it took me two months to wade through my Jonathan Edwards biography, which really checked off my nonfiction box for a while. My favorites this month were Marrow Island and Homegoing, with an honorable mention to Underground Airlines.

           Jane Steele    MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search For A New Best Friend     Underground Airlines

                                    The Dollhouse        Homegoing       Amy Snow
                             Smoke       MWF Seeking BFF              The Book of Esther
                               Jane Steele      Marrow Island       Underground Airlines 

Favorite posts:
It was fun combining a book review and writing about my own life experiences when I discussed MWF Seeking BFF. This month also featured the second edition of Readalongs, where I pick a children's book to accompany the novel you are currently reading.

What I've Been Watching:
Oh hello there, fall tv. We have eagerly been awaiting your return. In our house, we are remaining loyal to Once Upon A Time, Grey's Anatomy, and I am very impatient for Jane the Virgin to be on my tv again. New shows in our lineup are The Happy Place, Designated Survivor, and This Is Us. 

What I've Been Listening To: Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts. Overdue, What Should I Read Next, The Book Riot Podcast, Get Booked, The Liturgists, and The Mom Life Crisis Podcast are currently in rotation. I'm also trying out my first audiobook in a long time - Without You: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and the Musical Rent. There is still some music around the house, but it tends to be classical in the early morning to gently start our day or music for the kids in the car.

What were you into during September?

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  1. September sounds like it was a great month for you and your family; some adventures had and some good books read. And a short cruise coming up - nice!!

    I hope you have a great October!

    1. Thanks so much, Jade. I hope October is great for you too!

  2. I'm with you in being so glad Fall TV is back! And rotating between podcasts/audiobooks. How exciting that a cruise is on the horizon - hope you have an amazing time!

    1. Thanks so much Shannon! We are looking forward to it.

  3. Yeah, I just realized today that I should have posted my third quarter wrap-up this week, since it's now October. Whoops. Guess it'll be a 3 1/2 quarter wrap-up. :) I just recently got into podcasts, and I'm excited to check out the ones you mention. I'm always up for finding new listens!

    1. Hooray! I'm really enjoying podcasts lately, although it makes me think I should try to fit in some audiobooks too...

  4. I read this post the other day and neglected to leave a comment. I miss Autumn as it was in my childhood here in So Cal, but the weather is at least milder early and late in the day.

    Nice photos, especially of you and your husband :)
    The kids are getting so big-- I remember when your little girl... was little! Enjoy your reading this week.

    1. It's perfect fall here in NJ right now! Cool evenings and mornings and sunny afternoons work for me. :)

      I know! I was looking back at the post the other day when I announced we were pregnant. The time flies!